If you already have a website and need to have it redesigned or brought up-to-date, we also specialise in website redesign.

We provide a professional graphic design service and have transformed websites from being old-fashioned, tired-looking websites to fresh, modern-looking websites. Do not underestimate the power of good imagery, a good graphic design team can do wonders with an old site in just a few hours.

Content is King, we have copy writers in house that will help you get the content of your website right for your target audience.


Although the majority of people use the standard Microsoft Internet Explorer to access websites, there are a number of other 'browsers' which people use - such as Netscape and Mozilla Firefox. All of the websites which we design are written and tested on the major browsers to ensure that your website is available to the widest audience possible. That's something you don't get from a lot of designers!

We also run your site through a validator to check that all of the code on your website is 100 percent accurate and compatible with the major browsers, and that all links to pages and images within your site, and links to external websites are correct and exist. Search Engine Optimisation Websites can be designed and laid out in a large number of different ways - some of which are more effective for Search Engines than others. We will ensure that not only does your website visually stand out from the rest, but we will also work with you to write it in such a way that it can be found by the major Search Engines and that they can rate it as highly as possible - thereby enabling your website to move up the Search Engine results pages and hopefully eventually show on the first page.

A lot of website designers will provide superb-looking websites which are, in fact, a complete barrier to the Search Engines. For example websites built using 'Flash' (an animation package), or sites where the links to other pages within the site are images.

Website Development is Done to Your Specification All of the websites we develop are created individually to enable easy maintenance and future development

As experienced website developers with a programming background, we will quite happily provide suggestions for the design and navigation of the website and advise you of the options available to you, or we will work to your own design specifications.