Website Design



Why Choose Us For Website Design?

There are lots of website design companies to choose from, so why choose Smartweb? We can think of a few good reasons: All of our website designs are custom made for your business. We work remotely, without costs incurred for travelling and time consuming meetings, we can offer a much lower cost solution.
All you will need to supply are the pictures of your product and your company logo and what you want to say on your website. If you dont have a logo , we can design one.
Once we understand your needs and the target market, we are ready to start the website creation process.

The Process

First we buy your domain name, such as '', then we buy for you the hosting (This is rented space on a server where your website will be stored). Now, we start designing the actual website, this takes us a day or two. We then show you the design and if you like it we will continue to complete the design, if you dont like it we change the design.
When you are happy with the site, we continue by setting up everything for you including your email system, Facebook pages and perform some SEO optimisation (This advertises your domain name to the internet, so that people can find your site.


Now you are the proud owners of a fully functional website and you are good to go!


Everything above is included in or once off single fee, and because we work remotely, we dont have any expenses, so we can offer you the lowest rates for building your website. Our charges are normally around R3,000.
There are no future charges for web design, unless you want us to create more fabulous pages for you in the future.

Future costs

You will need to keep paying for the rented space to store your website every year and you will need to pay the domain name registration service every year to keep your domain name i.e. ''. Both of these annual payments total are normally less than R2,000 each year and we can manage that process for you. Thats all there is to it!